The company DODA represents the best Albanian tradition of furniture and wood construction production, inherited through generations. It offers a wide range of designs, from classic to contemporary styles, covering all series of furniture for residences, offices, bars, restaurants and other public environments, as well as elements of wood constructions and homes. 

In our company, application of new concepts in design through artistic decoration with veneer and picture, as well as use of high quality raw material, are materialized in products which guarantee fulfillment of any customer’s preference in the highest levels.

Technological capacities of company, specialized engineering and furnishing staff, accompanied by professional correctness, make possible production in optimal time work of wooden products of long term quality performance. The philosophy which stands for a long time as basement of company’s activity promotes an objective combination of high quality, service correctness and cost. It is expressed in special attention with regard to any detail, from the project according to specifications of residence and selection of raw material, till to assembling of the product.

Our service, which fulfills the requests in short time and offers solutions for a wide series of
high quality furniture and wood constructions, is the main feature which makes the company DODA as an optimal solution in every aspect

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