Raw materials

Furniture’s production

Furnitures production

Raw material consists in traditional wood species commonly used through centuries in the region, like beech, walnut, oak, ashwood, maple, poplar, fir, pine etc. Based on customer’s preferences, the company uses as well as imported wood species, like american walnut and maple, mahogany, zebrawood etc.
With regard to decorations, veneers of most well-known wood species are used, like olivewood, walnut, oak, beech, mahogany, zebrawood, rosewood etc. Except common decorations with one wood species, combinations of different species are applied as well, resulting in most beautiful sight that can be obtained by wood material. The highest quality of engineering wood based panels that can be find in the market are used as well, like solid wood based panels (finger-joint), laminated or veneered particleboards, medium density fibreboards (MDF), plywood etc.

Production of wood constructions

Prodhimi i konstruksioneve te drurit

Raw material consists in joists and beams of wood species commonly used for constructions, like fir and pine.
Glued laminated timber (GLULAM) and oriented strandboards (OSB) of long high performance are used as well. Attaching importance to solidity, the company uses the highest quality metal fasteners imported by Austria and Germany, certified by most well-known European laboratories.

Production of sofas & coaches

Prodhimi i konstruksioneve te drurit

The raw material consists in the strongest wood species which can be used for this purpose, beechwood.
It can be combined with different wood based panels, like plywood, laminated veneer lumber, particleboard, as well as tapestry or leather of multiplychoices in colours, texture and thickness. Based on customer’s preferences, different types of high quality tapestry springs can be used as well.